Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Result Outstrips The Aim

That, my friends, is an awesome line. It's a shame that it doesn't mean anything. What i'm trying to say is that i wanted to start Pitendencies as a place where i vent; say all the stuff that isn't Politically Correct; and be fucking racist, man. Just because i can't normally. I don't need to say that i'm not racist, but i hate the fact that i can't be racist. That was my initial aim.

Of course, the awesome thing to say now would be that i really love the way this has turned out, and that it was all worth it. I honestly don't know.

I try to reach my initial aim and be all PI, but i seembly cannot. Simply, really. You can't force yourself to write, now, can you? That's a complete lie, of course you can; but the point is this: yet again, i have no point.

PS: The Virgins - Rich Girls. I've heard their other songs are shit, but who cares, really.

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