Friday, October 16, 2009

The Return

Today is the 16th of October. My exams ended on the 10th of October. So, if you count the build up time to my exams and the exam time itself as non-blogging days, i should've posted something or the other in the last 6 days ie in the days immediately following the end of my exams. However, i do not control my own whims and urges, and i really didn't feel like posting anything at all. Hence, the silence. Now, however, my conscience will not let me be; hence, in order to appease my super-ego, i post.

Shit that's happened since you last saw me:
1. Dan Brown's new book is out! People like Daniel, who are well versed in the actual facts and history of the shite he talks about will probably hate it (much like they hated the last four); but i will love it. I must love it. In fact, i feel so strongly about it that i will buy the original, not the pirated copies.

2. Liverpool lost twice. Much like Gerry said: "It doesn't do half my head these days-supporting Liverpool". Now, i can't relate to that, but you get the general mood. Now, however, with the return of Dani Agger, the injury of Hercules, and the prospect of finally seeing Aquaman in a Liverpool jersey lifts my mood. The choices that Rafa has at his disposal for centre backs are (in the following order): Carra, Skrtel, Dani Agger, Ayala. This is taking into account the fact that Hercules is injured. Quite badly, it seems. Anyway, about the losses: I didn't get to see either of the games, but there are a lot of positives to take from them (from what i hear). Most importantly, the return to form of Masch and Carra. So even if Gerrard is injured (which i hope to God he isn't), it seems like we could just manage without him. Anyway, my TV is back, which means i get to watch the match at the Stadium of Shite. So hooray for boobies, then.

I could've written more, but that involves writing. Forgive me.

PS: Poets of the Fall - Fire; Vavamuffin - Vavamuffin on the road.


Sheepshagger said...

hey good post.A bit late on the Dan Brown book,someones not been going to crossword.I wanna guest write one day man.I shall let you know.

loy said...

hah! i bought the book yesterday, so another haha to you. about the guest writing-fo' shizz, man. send in as many posts as you want.

a final thought: i may have boobs, but i'm NOT a sheep.