Sunday, June 28, 2009

Laziness Anonymous

It's been almost 2 weeks since the rains started, and i haven't even gotten wet once. Pathetic. What's happened to my old self? Last year, i got wet almost every time it rained, be it on walks or mini cycle expeditions; and last year's rain turnout (yes, i like to call it that) was dreadful. Year before last, i got wet the most number of times; and most significantly, i lost a LOT of weight cycling in the rain. And cycling in the rain, by the way, isn't that easy. But the best experience, easily, was in my FY degree college, during those magical month(s) when i was still in Xaviers. Full force wind, full force rain, no traffic, marine drive. Easily one of my best memories. I couldn't hear shite because of the roaring wind, which also kept throwing me off course. The rain was coming down so hard, that i stung my face, and i actually felt like i was in a huge fucking shower. I cycled for about an hour around town, and then stopped for some 'garma garam' vada pav, a sandwich, and a chai. The best part about all of this was that i didn't have an ipod. So i could actually enjoy everything around me, and not be distracted. Now, whenever i walk around, i barely notice anything, too intent on my fucking music. And yet, i don't miss not having an ipod. I don't seem to miss them happy memories.

I see myself now. I'm either at home doing nothing; or chilling out with friends; or jamming; or at college. I've had so many oppurtunities to get my cycle repaired, and yet, i don't do it. I could've gone for a walk, but i chose not to, again. I could've just gone to my terrace, and yet, i chose to fucking sit on facebook and torture myself with that heavenly pit-patter in the background. Why is this happening? Where is my enthusiasm? Why can't i push myself to make the smallest effort?

Why am i so content with watching TV, sitting on facebook, reading blogs, reading my mail, checking my band ka site, and sitting at home? Why can't i just 'wander' like i used to?

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