Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Orientation/Anti-Grey Hair Love Song

I am Ishaan Krishna. That's right. Ishaan Krishna. A Punjabi name, with a Tamil sirname. The story of my life, really. The fence straddling me. Anyhow, i feel that this is not the appropriate time to reveal myself to you, the unsuspecting reader. Hence, i tap into what i'm feeling right now.

You might have heard the following saying, or at least a variation of it. Anyway:
"If you pluck a grey hair, 5 more will come up"

Well, it is my belief, that this, like quite a few other 'famous sayings', is one with a hidden agenda. I feel that it's made just to make people with grey hair feel better. There. I said it. It couldn't be more obvious. It's not like it's a revelation, you know. It's not like there was something about the saying that struck me so differently. I state the obvious here. There's nothing new in what you're reading.

Seeing that i'm saturated already, i think it's time to pack up. Maybe this 'blog' thing wasn't that good an idea anyway. I hope i manage to keep this up.

Finally, if you were expecting some politically incorrect thoughts, then you'll have to wait a lil' bit. Current saturation levels are breached.

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