Monday, June 22, 2009

The Sleep Cycle

I always used to wonder, when i was in school, about why my parents slept so early. They're adults, i figured, nobody tells them what to do! They can sleep whenever they want to. So why sleep early? I always used to feel mad inside when i was forced to sleep early (seeing that i had to get up early). What was the point, i used to ask myself, of sleeping early, if one wasn't sleepy?

Fast forward 5 years. I'm in my fifth and final year in college. My parents are all cool about pretty much everything now, and i sleep whenever i want to sleep, which basically means that i sleep when i feel sleepy. And do i feel awesome now? Do i feel better in the day as compared to how i felt when i used to have a definite sleep pattern? Sounds like quite the 'old fuck' talk, but think about it. Suppose all your friends slept at the same time as you (whatever time you want it to be), and were awake during the same hours as you, would you still sleep late? What kind of cycle would you keep, knowing that you wouldn't get bored when you're awake?

Of course, the moment parental pressure on me reduced, i used to stay up till 2 am at LEAST, which was a big deal for me. But this was mainly a revolt against my folks for not letting me sleep late. So we can discount that period of time.

Finally, the answer to all the questions mentioned earlier. Do i enjoy staying up late? Would i do it, given the scenarios mentioned earlier? The answer (for me, at least) is FUCK, YEAH! When i stay up late, i enjoy solitude, tranquility, and chill out time. This may sound gay, but it is fucking AWESOME! And when everyone else is asleep, the house is all mine. I can do what i want, provided i don't disturb them.

Of course, the only drawback is the fact that college is there in the morning the next day. If college were in the afternoon (for a short time span), then i think conditions would be ideal for a late sleep.

However, one must keep in mind that sleep should not be distributed over the course of the day. It should be in one go. This (in my case, at least) ensures no sleepiness for the rest of the day. Unless, of course, induced by boredom.

One final observation: meals. I find the 'eat what you want, when you want' policy quite effective. Although i generally tend to keep my first meal after getting up a breakfasty kinda meal.

PS: I'm allowed to use adjectives like 'gay', because the name of my blog is POLITICALLY INCORRECT TENDENCIES. Just to clear the air, though, when i say gay, i mean cliche. Of course, this doesn't mean that all gay dudes are cliche. No no. No.


Harry said...

I've got to say, I miss the whole routine thing. After a while, living with no restrictions and no real judgemental stares, etc. the guilt of dicking around starts to fade into the background.
the result is a LOT of time wasted. I also miss having a desk/table. You'd be amazed what that can do to your productivity.
Oh and the meals thing fucking blows. I keep forgetting meals until its too late to get anything. Then I wont do shit because Im low on Energy. It's a bitch of a cycle really.

ishaan said...

you know what they say na: that you've gotta live alone, and only then you appreciate the cycle. so maybe i just don't know how it really is without the aptly put 'judgemental stares'. but if my sleep is complete, my stomach full, and my guilt non-existent, then i find it pretty awesome.