Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weighing Adam Lambert

Now see here, let me tell you straight out that i'm no fan of American Idol. In my opinion, the show is nothing but an overdose of overhyped judgemental gallantry along with camera staring contestants. I watch episodes selectively, and only for the music. Now, I don't mean to sound like them Metallica fans who love Megadeth "for the music", but i sincerely feel that the music on American Idol just about makes up for the theatrics and Paula Abdul, and that is QUITE an achievement.

I remember seeing the episode in which Slash was the mentor; i mean, i can see now the reason why his face is hidden in most of his videos. Anyhow, in the same episode, Kris did Come Together by the Beatles; and the Dude With The Glasses did Dream On by Aerosmith. I missed Allison's performace, and i'm gonna dedicate a full paragraph (!) to what Adam did in the same episode. That's my dedication to the vocal brilliance that is Adam Lambert. Anyway, I remember wanting to murder the Dude With The Glasses after hearing his scream. Let's face it, this season, we all know who the true screamer is. What really pissed me off, though, was the fact that the judges kept going: "Oh, that's not his genre, you see. He's not a rock-guy at heart. He should've just stuck to Rod Stewart. Let's give him another chance" and suchshite. What, pray, is the point of getting Slash as a mentor if you're not even gonna sing his genre? Why let the Dude With The Glasses stay just because he was out of his comfort zone. The aim, surely, is to perform regardless of the situation presented to you, isn't it? I mean, look at Kris. Personally, i think his version of Come Together was FUCKIN' A. I loved it. Now see, this isn't because of a personal bias. I hate the song. I've had to perform it with 3 different bands, and i'm SICK (to the core) of the groove. But still, i enjoyed it. I mean, don't look at it all oh-there's-nothing-different-about-it. If you like the groove, you like the song; and i think Paula and the other humpers overjudged Kris a bit there. But don't get me wrong, i hate Kris as well. Anyway, now to the previously promised paragraph (check the alliteration!).

The paragraph about Adam Lambert. This is it. The first time a Zeppelin song was done on the show. Man, if there were a single guy in the world i'd turn gay for, it'd be Adam Lambert. Even though a whole lotta people might've hated the performace, you've gotta give a whole lotta love to Adam for doing a Zeppelin song, in the first place. I mean, this isn't Rockstar Supernova, this is American Idol. The moment you do something like that, you alienate probably half of your own fans, and unite all the other contestants fans against you. And yet, he came out on top. Man, is he awesome.

You know, i sincerely thought that this post would be one with a point. I actually thought i'd end this post with 'what i'm basically trying to say is: ....'. You know what i mean, right? But the point is, i don't have a point. I don't a summary. I can't fit all of what i just said into one more line. I simply CANNOT reinforce what i've said earlier with an awesome line. That's not how i roll. Not right now, anyway. But hey, i've got no readers anyway.

Just to clear the air, I actually thought about putting a paragraph here appeasing them American Idol fans, you know, them who love the show. I thought about putting up some stuff that'll make them hate me less, you know. Some stuff that'll make them sigh inwardly and say: "Ah, this dude's cool after all."

(Awkward Silence)

PS: Did you know that 'Come Together' was released in 1969? Yes. Nineteen 69. Has anyone made the connection?


Harry said...

Great image...
I kind of liked Kris to be honest. Any other season, he'd have totally killed it. He actually gave a shit about making sets and not just doing random parts a bit different.
This was certainly the year of Adam and the best part is, even Kris admitted it.
Oh and guy with glasses, Danny, had a mad fucking voice. He just figured he could pull off a Tyler. Why i don't know.
Check out his version fo Jesus take the wheel. Pretty aces.

ishaan said...

i will do so. also, i feel quite guilty about leaving allison out completely. i've heard her do 'don't speak', and i loved it.

also, i have comments on my blog. this does indeed feel nice.