Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Brothel

I get a lotta shit from my fraaands for not having a girlfriend. You know what i mean, right? When all the people around you aren't single, and you're left alone. Except for Nissim, of course. Sorry, man. But it's just you and me now. Anyhow, they keep telling me about how i should get a girlfriend and 'utilize my own resources'. By that, they mean my house. My empty house. Anyway, this blog isn't about me not having a girlfriend. It's about the house.

Hypo-fucking-critical bastards my friends are. In a week, i'll have people staying over at least 3 nights. I've even been called home when i was out myself (i didn't go back, of course. But still). They'll all go to 'chill' with their respective women, and when it's too late to go home, they'll come here. I SAID, they'll come here (You can't escape the blues, man). It's like a fucking whorehouse. But you gotta admit, it IS awesome.

Initially, my friends used to come with their 'female companions', and go to seperate rooms to have 'engaging conversation'. Not saaaax, of course. But a little making out and shit. Anyway, it got outta hand when i left my friends home alone. It's not like they were humping and all, but my maid still caught them kissing, right? At least, i hope it was just that. I really don't wanna know. So after that little episode, couples weren't allowed home for a while. It's not happened at home since, and personally i AM a little glad.

Not because i don't want people fooling around at my place. No no. But because i don't WANT to know. You know, if it happens outside my place, i won't really know, right? At my place. Ugh.

PS: I stayed over at karuns place about thrice a week in the hols, so i can't talk. But i will, because it is my blog. Hah. I win.


Harry said...

You have a label called canoodle! You doodal you.
And hey man I ain't no damn hypocrite. I stay here 7 days a week! :)
Btw you're writing a lot smoother.

loy said...

more practise for me, boss. and you can't escape the canoodle.

Nikhil Eapen said...

haha.. good one!!