Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Get The Junk Out!"

Today, as i left my room to make that fateful trip to the dining room for dinner, i chanced upon my mother in not the best of moods. The wise thing to do on her part (well, the less womanly thing anyway) would've been to ignore me and go about her brooding/frustration. That i would happily tolerate. However, my mother being the orderliness freak that she is, immediately reminded me of my promise to clean out my cupboard. Her bad mood coupled with the fact that i had promised to do the said deed weeks ago proved enough persuasion for me to finally go and do it. And i did. Believe it or not. I just cleaned out ONE compartment, which took me about half an hour.

You wouldn't believe the stuff that came out. I'm still recovering from the nostalgic jolt that i just experienced. It's the kinda stuff that can be illustrated by the following example:

The Scene: Everybody Loves Raymond. Raymond's having a garage sale, and his wife (i forget her name) makes him clean out his cupboard to "get rid of all of his junk". In doing so he finds his prized Mickey Mantle (or some baseball player with a similar name) signed baseball, which his wife refers to as 'junk that you'd forgotten about till you just found it again'. To which Raymond says, "I hadn't forgotten about it, i'd tucked it away carefully at the back of my cupboard for safekeeping."

I found all my old notes, my class 11 assignments, my school board exam papers, my school answer papers, my school report cards, my school evaluation cards, my assignments, all of my handouts, my projects etc etc etc.

Anyway, i also found a lot of junk (literally) that my maid had just dumped in my cupboard, and hence i put it next to the bin. By junk, i mean my own junk. I'm not gonna ruin someone else's memories by such loose term usage; even though this IS Politically Incorrect Tendencies. If my mum saw what i'd kept, i'm positive she'd throw away half of the stuff, and seeing that it really has no point anyway, i can see her point. I still keep it, though. And fuck you, i'm not justifying myself.

I have an uncle who'd kept his toys and shit from his childhood carefully for his kid to play with, not realising that they'd get outdated. And they did. His kid (my cousin) plays his nintendo and suchshite, while the uncles old toys lie in the attic. Throughout my childhood, my folks cited the same uncle as an example every time i broke my toys (the few toys that i fucking got). Now, i wish i could say 'HA!' to them, but cheekiness is not tolerated in the family.

PS: Of course, the uncle could've kept his toys because of cheapness. You never know. Although i doubt it, seeing that he had this high paying corporate job with Aditya Birla. Anyway, now they're fucked na. Yup, he probably foresaw that, and hence kept his toys. Now he'll sell them and live the rest of his life on the money. Yup, that's why he kept the toys. Balls to the kids.

PPS: Dinner was conveniently forgotten about, by the way. Ciao.

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