Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spontaneity Anonymous

People keep talking about how therapeutic it is to write a blog spontaneously. The pleasure that one experiences with the release of the emotions via the blog, and yadda yadda. I picture it like this: One starts writing, keeps writing, keeps 'going with the flow', finishes writing, and presses 'post'. This, to me, seems like the ideal spontaneous blog. If this is how it's done, then i am ze complete failure.

I try, you know. I try my best to be grammatically correct the first time i write. I try my best to sound good the first time i pen my sentences. But i seemply CANNOT. For this reason, i have to reread all my posts at least twice to ensure that no grammar errors filter through. Now, during this grammar-error-filter process, i find that when i reread my shite, i tend to edit out a lot of the stuff i originally meant to write; either because i cringe at the it's thought, or because it just 'doesn't feel right'. Hence, i lose all spontaneity.

It's near impossible to be happy with the first attempt; at least for me. So even if i try to pour my emotions out onto ze blog, i'll end up editing out all the parts that 'sound too faggoty'. Hence, i end up with a fucking normal post. With no emotion whatsoEVER.

I guess (alright, HOPE) this'll change after a lot of blogging; but i highly doubt it.

Some Nice Trivia: The word 'blog' doesn't exist in the UK Dictionary.

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