Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heroes Vs Lost

This is the question isn't it? The ultimate question. Douglas Adams had it all wrong. No one cares about life and suchshite. It's all about sci-fi, man. Sci-fucking-fi. Heroes Vs Lost. The Ultimate Question.

Before i delve any deeper into this topic, let me first state that i care not whether they are in different time slots, or if they are both NBC shows, or if they aren't really competitors, or even if they have 'totally different Target Audiences'. I say what i see, and i dig no further.

The Perception: (Disclaimer-this may not be true)
Heroes is more childish, and definitely has more youngster appeal. Kids (12 up) can comprehend it with relative ease, non-linear time frames notwithstanding. It was fucking kickass initially, but it lost (heh) steam halfway through the second season, and most fans simply stopped watching due to pure boredom. Most of the characters, though well built, are shown to be too confused about priorites. The resemblance to x-men is too uncanny. The most powerful people are the biggest panzees.

Lost is complex, mature, and an acquired taste (unless you see the thriller parts of the episodes). It's really fucking confusing, and has intense character work. Very original plot line, expect the unexpected (sheesh).

Ishaan's Opinion:
I wasn't too fond of Lost till i saw 'The Constant', and later episodes. I'm a sucker for time-travel, and Lost depicted something that i had never even considered. My interest was revitalised, till the season finale (Season 4). I've heard that there's much more time travel in the coming season, and i'll have to wait and see. I don't have high hopes, though. As opposed to Heroes, where i have HUGE hopes. Heroes always revolves around saving the world, the battle to be recognized and the struggle against being pushed into the background. Quite simple, but the depiction of the superpowers/abilities is what i feel differentiates it from other such concepts. Each power has it's own theme (as in, musical score), and this is the constant every time an ability is shown. I quite like this.

You know, i'd like to leave this post with an open ending. Something like: 'i leave you with the facts, deduce for yourselves', or 'i will now let you draw your own conclusions', or 'i leave you with the opinions, make up your own mind'. But i have to say this: To me, it's just superpowers with time travel Vs confusion about whether time travel exists ot not/and a whole lotta other shite.
And Heroes wins. FUCK Lost.

PS: I will admit, however, that i've seen each and every Heroes episode, as opposed to just 4 seasons of Lost. However, just as knowing 2 chords can qualify you to be a lead guitarist in a punk rock band, this qualifies me to do this comparision.

PPS: I do love punk rock.

PPPS: What the fuck is Prison Break?

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